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Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning Experts

Don’t lose your fuel inventory or pay thousands in customer repairs. Total Petroleum Services can fix your fuel contamination problems for less and get you back in business ASAP.

If your pumps are slow, your gas looks cloudy or you need to frequently change your filters, chances are you’ve got contaminated fuel. Total Petroleum Services (TPS) protects gas stations and convenience stores from customer complaints and lawsuits by identifying and fixing bad gas and diesel fuel problems. We can also protect you from future contamination problems through preventative measures.

Fuel contamination most often occurs due to moisture over time and/or ingress of water and dirt through loose fittings, caps, and operator error. Moisture creates the environment for bacteria to live at the interface between the water and fuel. Over time the tank becomes a grave yard for sludge (bacteria build-up), and other particulates such as rust and dirt. Water in ethanol enriched gasoline will "phase separate," leaving you vulnerable to customer claims/lawsuits and State closure due to "out of spec" fuel sales.

Our fuel reclamation service will minimize your loss and, combined with our tank cleaning process, completely clean the interior of the tank. Other fuel tank cleaning and fuel polishing companies will use a single hose, pushing it around inside the tank and hoping it will remove most of the loose contaminate. It’s been our experience that only fluid pressure touching all interior surfaces will clean both loose material and hard, solidified build-up. Remaining waste is then vacuumed out, leaving a totally clean tank environment. Clean Tank Guarantee — or we will clean it again for free!

TPS offers free site assessments, so contact us today!

Services We Provide

Fuel Site Assessment

TPS will examine all access points for worn or missing parts, sample tank bottoms and visually examine fuel quality according to ASTM fuel quality chart.

Fuel Testing

TPS provides onsite visual analysis of fuel for contaminates and phase separation. We field test for ethanol content and offer advanced third-party testing when necessary.

AST Testing & Inspections

Rather than merely disposing of your gasoline and diesel, TPS offers different methods to save your investment from both particulate and water contamination.

Fuel Polishing & Reclamation

TPS offers various methods to save your fuel investment. Our advanced fuel purifying system can remove sludge, rust and water while filtering impurities as small as one micron.

Tank Cleaning

TPS offers the only cleaning system that thoroughly removes dirt, bacteria and sludge from 100 to 40,000 gallon tanks. Clean Tank Guarantee or we will clean it again for free!

Waste Disposal

TPS cares about the environment. Our personnel will remove all waste product associated with our service and dispose of it according to state and federal environmental laws.

What's Hiding in Your Tanks?

  • "Their fuel reclamation service has saved our customers thousands of dollars in what would have been lost revenue due to phase separation caused by water contamination."David J. Achten, Area Manager
  • "We are very happy with your results and this is the only tank cleaning procedure I would recommend at this time. Well-known processes were tried before yours and were such a hit and miss that there was no way of possibly getting anything but a half job.John Letzig, Owner
    Richmond BP

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